Model - SMART 1504

Portable Computerized Opacity Meter and Gas Analyzer Combo

Our portable advanced automotive emission analyzer SMART 1504 has more than twelve years of proven performance being used in applications such as general gasoline and diesel emission testing and in advanced scientific and environmental applications. SMART 1504 has been the favorite choice in many road testing applications. Its rugged design and portability allow it to be installed inside any motor vehicle in minutes, ready for on-road testing. For more advanced applications, we offer SMART 2000xx and 2000xxx versions equipped with a CLD , FID, NDIR gas benches and other sensors, including exhaust gas flowmeter modules that in combination measure each exhaust gas component mass in "real driving" on board configuration, or stationary setting coupled witch chassis dynamometer during driving cycles such as FTP-75 or ECE-15. SMART 1504 has automated self test, zero, and span calibration procedures. The system operates under PC supervisory control that incorporates data logging, strip chart emulation and virtual instrument real time display functions.

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100% US/Canada made parts

Fully Portable

On Road Testing


Measuring Ranges Accuracy / Performance
C0 : 0 - 10% vol 0.06 % Abs., 5% Rel.
C02 : 0 - 20% vol 0.03 % Abs., 5% Rel.
HC : 0 - 2000 PPM 4 PPM Abs., 5% Rel.
HC : 2001-10000 PPM 5% Relative
O2 : 0 - 25% vol +/- 2% Relative
N0x: 0 - 1000 PPM 32 PPM Absolute
N0x: 1001-2000 PPM 60 PPM Absolute
NO: 2001-3000 PPM 120 PPM Absolute
RPM/oil Temp. +/- 2% Relative

International Standards
OIML/BAR/ISO R99 Class 1/97/3930

Dimensions / Weight
NDIR Analyzer and Host 56 x 48 x 25cm / 12 kg