Model - SMART 1500

Portable Computerized Opacity Meter

Our portable opacity meter has twelve years of proven performance being used in applications such as routes diesel vehicle smoke opacity testing (SNAP SAE J1667), marine diesel engine smoke testing, and underground diesel-powered machine smoke testing. The SMART 1500's rugged design is suitable for the harshest environments. The SMART 1500 has automated self test, zero, and span calibration procedures. The system operates under PC supervisory software control that incorporates many data logging, strip chart emulation, and virtual instrument rear time display functions.

SMART 1500 Gallery

100% US/Canada made parts

Fully Portable


Measuring Ranges Accuracy / Performance
Opacity 0 - 100 [%] +/- 0.5% Abs.
K 0 - 10 [1/m] +/- 0.5% Abs.
Soot density [mg/m3] +/- 0.5% Abs.
RPM/Oil Temp. +/- 1% Relative

ResponseTime 1 ms
Warm Up Time 8 min. typical
Reliability 20000 hours
Zero/Span Calibration Prior to Every Test
Control Computer PC Notebook
Power 110/220 VAC

Temperature 10 - 45 deg. C
Pressure 0 - 100 kPa
Humidity 95 %

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