Model - SMART 1500 ISO

Portable Isokinetic Sampling System


    • isokinetic sampling system for portable testing of opacity from industrial stack
    • high speed PLC for fast data analysis and Isokinetic sample chamber control
    • allows SMART 1500 to measure opacity at any point of the stack height
    • 24" SS industrial sampling and flue gas measuring probe
    • easy to carry around
    • light weight
    • easy to use, plug and play interface
    • automatic calibration
    • automatic operation
    • low maintenance

How it works:

  1. Sample probe measures kinetic velocity, pressure and temperature of the flue gas, and delivers sample to the Isokinetic Sampling System.
  2. Sampling System (with or without optional dilution gas) cools sample below 70 deg.C, removes moisture in Nafion Drier and introduces sample to Isokinetic Sample Chamber.
  3. Fast PLC measures sample temperature, kinetic velocity, moisture and pressure and control sample velocity and pressure to maintain it isokinetic  as it is in stack.
  4. PLC outputs parameters of isokinetic sample via RS232 port to Smart 1500 host.
  5. Sampling port is provided to outside meters like opacity meter that measures opacity of the sample without any distortions.

SMART 1500 ISO Gallery

100% US/Canada made parts

Fully Portable


Measuring Ranges Accuracy / Performance
Sample Flow      3- 7 lpm +/- 1.0% Abs.
Gas Flue and Sample Velocity   100 - 8000 fpm +/- 2.0% Abs.
Gas Flue and Sample Temperature0 - 800 degC. +/- 0.5% Abs.
Sample Velocity and  Temperature Stability +/- 3% Abs.

ResponseTime 10 ms
Warm Up Time 30 min.  typical 15 min.
Control Trilogy MD-88
Zero Prior to Every Test
Test Procedure Continuous Testing
Power 24 VDC, Max. 40 Watt

Temperature 10 - 55 deg. C
Pressure 0 - 100 kPa
Humidity up to 95 %