GALIO BRICK Exhaust Gas Mass Flowmeter Model: SMART 2000xfl

GALIO BRICK Exhaust Gas Mass Flowmeter Model: SMART 2000xfl

Smart 2000xfl

Our testing module SMART 2000xfl is an advanced stand alone module that measures volume of exhaust flow in real time. The measuring module comes in various sizes depending on exhaust flow ranges. It is offered is 2 types of flow measuring sensors: venturi flow tube, or averaging pitot tube depending on customer preference.

SMART 2000xfl has been the favorite module in many on board "real driving" testing applications for over 12 years all around the world.

Its control module is equipped with ultra fast PLC controller that takes input from multiple dp and temperature sensors and fast processes it into standardized volumetric flow output.

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100% US/Canada made parts

Fully Portable

On Road Testing


Measuring RangesAccuracy / Performance

Exhaust Gas Flow Ranges:         0 - 7 m3/min,

0 - 14 m3/min,    3 - 25 m3/min,    8 - 45 m3/min

 +/- 1.5% Abs.
Exhaust Gas Temperature : -50 - 700 deg.C+/- 0.5% Abs.
GPS vehicle ground speed : 0 - 150 km/hr+/- 1.5 km/hr Abs.


Dimensions / Weight
Flowmeter Tubesdia.38 -140 mm  420   length 440 - 780 mm / 1 - 8 kg
PLC ControLler330 x 450 x 200 mm / 3 kg
Temperature10 - 55 deg. C
Pressure0 - 100 kPa
Humidity95 %
Warm Up Time5 min. typical
Reliability20000 hours
Zero/Span Calibrationon every Start-up
Response Time10 ms
Power110/220 VAC, 24 VDC